onsdag 15 april 2009

Wacom worries

I have been thinking of buying a Wacom tablet for some time, but I cannot decide which one.
First I looked into the Wacom Bamboo A6, which costs around SEK 900:- but then I thought maybe such a cheap model may be too limited for my future needs. And it would be nice with a bigger one than A6 too.

So I looked at the Wacom Intuos A6 (SEK 2 500:-) and A5 (SEK 4 400:-) or even A4 (SEK 6 000:-)

However, if I spend that kind of money I may as well go for the Wacom Cintiq 12" (SEK 13 800:-).
The Cintiq is the only model where you can see what you dray on the actual pad instead of on the computer screen (the pad doubles as a touch screen) so it is quite interesting although it costs more than I would like to pay for such a thing.

So maybe I should stick with the cheap stuff after all, but what if I decide after 6 months that I want the more expensive one? SEK 1 000:- will have been wasted (unless I could sell it of course)...


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