lördag 14 november 2009

From the News on the Webshop

Feeling lazy, but still maybe it's time to write something.
So, here goes. Copy/Pasted from http://mohsart.se/

There seems to have been problems ordering on the site from Nov 9, but it should be fixed now.
It seems like the problem occured when ordering the last item of something. When that happens, the webshop is configured to notify me to order more, but the folder with email templates for that functionality was empty for Swedish language. Surely a Prestashop bug, but should be ok now.

I have added a couple of links to the info block, I had that information in the links block before (actually, it's still there) but this way looks a little bit better imo.
As you can see, I have links to other webshops selling the same stuff that I sell.
This is because I care more about that You can order what You are looking for than to maximize my selling. Also, I am quite confident that I can stand the competition.
I would add Swedish sites as well, but I'm afraid that there are no sites that are good enough. SunAi in Stockholm may qualify, but just barely.

Oh, almost forgot: I added a new carrier for those ordering only books, by choosing that one, shipping costs will be much more accurate. Shipping really is a pain in the xxx, because I can only try to estimate it from either weight or price. I will try to hack the module to at least only show the carriers that are applicable, ie no Schenker for packages > 40 cm and not this last addition if the order doesn't contain only books.

söndag 1 november 2009

Stockholms Spelkonvent

I helgen har jag försökt frälsa deltagare på Stockholms Spelkonvent, vilket visade sig lite svårare än väntat.
De hade placerat mig tillsammans med Mahjongspelare från Uppsala, vilket var bra - viss synergieffekt där.
MEN vi hade tilldelats ett rum längst upp och i ena änden av korridoren (iofs nära trappan) så jag misstänker att färre än önskat hittade dit.

Staffars Serier som satt på våningen under klagade också på oväntat lågt intresse och var missnöjda med att inte sitta i anslutning till kafeterian.

Jag sålde två böcker, och ett 9x9-bräde och ett budget-set (som redan var beställt av kunden i fråga och därmed knappast räknas) så det var väl tur att jag inte var där i egenskap av butik utan som demare av Go (som butik hade jag fått betala en avgift som gjort att jag gått back på kalaset).

Visst intresse visades för Xiangqi och Shogi (och även Go) och jag fick ge bort en handfull visitkort, så helt bortkastat var det nog inte.

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

The shop is dying, long live the shop!

I have decided to ditch the idea about making my own webshop, I quite enjoyed it but I just don't have the time.

So, from now on the shop will be at mohsart.se (sure, almost the same address, but the design is quite different).

The new shop doesn't have all articles added yet, in particular lots of books are still missing, so it's not time just yet to forget completely about the old one, but every day I add a title or 10 so eventually it will be complete.

I have two issues with the new shop:
The big issue
I haven't as of yet found a good way to enter author information.
There is no such field and the ones that are obvious to use (at least everybody at the forum seems to use them) aren't one-to-many linked with the titles, i.e. it's impossible to have more than one author of a book.
I have a idea of a workaround, to use the "tag" feature for authors, but the design of the tag box on the site needs some redesigning for it to be possible and possibly some more coding is needed so for the time being I have the author information in a information field of each book.
The small issue
The categories are sorted alphabetically and there is no way getting around that.
Well, except for adding a number in front on them, but that is so awfully ugly that I'd rather have them unsorted, at least for the time being.

måndag 21 september 2009

All lost in the Indian Restaurant

I went to Indian Restarant Lagan for lunch today.
Since I was a bit late, the place was almost empty, only two other tables were occupied, we were five people in total inside, and one person sitting outside (some folks just won't accept that summer's over I guess).
All the other (four people) were eating already, actually they were almost done and I was waiting for my food.
So the waiter comes out and walks all the way to the other side of the room, all five of us wating/awaiting food was at the tables next to the cashier.
Well, the waiter looked left and he looked right and couldn't find the person who's food he was carrying, in fact he couldn't find anybody because he was at the far end of the room, as far as possible away from all the guests.
After a short while, the owner (I think) called him and pointed at me and I finally got my food.

onsdag 16 september 2009

New books

I have started to add some other than Go books now.

From my new distributer, Förlagssystem, I have ordered books about Shogi, Xiangqi, Poker, Bridge, and Mahjong.
I also ordered the two volumes of Trondheim's Donjon (a cartoon set in a Dungeons and Dragons kind of world) that Komika has published in Swedish.

And while i was at it I ordered two books on how to draw Manga.

Some of these titles are in Swedish and some in English, to find them in the webshop (for now) the easiest way is to search for eg Poker, Mahjong, or Manga; or chose "Various" in the drop-down list ("Diverse" in Swedish).

måndag 7 september 2009

Christmas is coming

Since I have a store, Christmas is almost here; so I thought I'd come up with some special offers.

It is not a easy task...
Since there is very little profit with the standard prices, I cannot afford to give huge discounts.
One way is to give away hard-to-sell items to those spend more than a certain amount and another to offer discounts on big orders.
I did that, except for that the items I am giving away are not hard to sell but I have too many of them.
I also packaged the discount on "big orders" offer into a "buy the whole series" kind of deal. I like that a bit more...

Buuut, since it's Christmas (at least soon) it's nice to have a deal on some special items, so that people can buy things to give away for Christmas doh. So I also added a discount deal on the small Go-sets with legs.

Hopefully some people will have some money left after this, and the business will prosper in the long run. Well, I can dream, right?

fredag 28 augusti 2009


Just when I decided not to blog too much, I stumbled upon this nice pictureI happened to notice a email address in our system that was 33 characters + @ + domain name and got kind of curious about how long they can be.
Aparently they can be longer than what anyone could ever want, which doesn't necesarily mean that addresses close to the limit will work everywhere.
If I understand things right the username part can be up to 64 characters and the domain can be 255 characters; the total length of a email address can not however be longer than 254 characters.

(Here is where I found the picture and the information on how long the address can be)

This blog is dead, long live this blog

I will not be blogging so much in the future; there just isn't time for it, also, I don't have so much of interest to say (not that I ever had, but yeah whatever).

Anyways, I will keep writing from time to time, but from now on mostly about the webshop.

About the webshop
I will be attending some conventions in the near future and try to Spread The Word about Go...
Maybe I will sell some stuff, but the main object is to attract more players. In the end, I hope that it will result in more sales but we'll see. (Actually, since these things are hard to measure, we may not see, but still.)

Here are the upcoming events that I will attend:
Bara Spel in Vällingby Sept 4-6
Incognicon in Skapnäcks Kulturhus Sept 18-20
Stockholms spelkonvent Oct 29-Nov 1, it's strange but I cannot seem to find where that one will be held

fredag 17 juli 2009

Go Go Books Books and more Books

Actually, around 10 more titles didn't make it into the picture...

tisdag 14 juli 2009

Go boards, boards, more boards, and some stones

Today I received the shipment from Prague, 116 Go Boards, 70 Sets of Stones and some plastic Bowls. It took me a while to put them away.

torsdag 9 juli 2009

One step back and two steps forwards

I have now added the manga Hikaru no Go to the webshop. Even vol 16 and 17 that aren't out yet.
I haven't received the books yet though, but very soon now.

Today I also took the car to the annual inspection and except for bad brakes, it passed! Neither the now missing rear mirror nor the broken windshield seemed to be a problem.

söndag 5 juli 2009

I am soo stupid :-(

I added som Chinese decoration stuff to the Webshop, check it out!
and some bookmarks

Then, to the stupid part...
I wanted to hang another decoration thingie in the mirror of my car, so I started to pull at it and eventually managed to get it off the socket, but I cannot put it back! And what's worse: I managed to break the windshield while trying! :-(

torsdag 2 juli 2009

All my cartoons

Well, except for my really quite small collection of French cartoons and a few magazines and the pile of stuff that I decided to sell/give away, I can now fit all my cartoons in one book shelf.

onsdag 1 juli 2009


I'm trying to come up with some ideas for illustrations and/or photos for the Webshop, but it is going so-so...

tisdag 30 juni 2009

Sleepless in Stockholm

Couldn't sleep so I spent some of the night working on the webshop.
The code is starting to get too complex for me to be able to understand it, which is a little frightening. I wonder if I am stupid or if my coding is really bad, probably a bit of both :(

Also, when I add different ways for people to find what they are looking for it starts to become important to think about design.
I suspect that both the database and the page ought to have a little different designs, but it's hard to see before adding items to the database and adding functionality to the page; and it is of course sometimes to change the design afterwards...

I have about 130 items in the database at the moment and it is possible to chose from categories such as Go, Chess, Go Books in Chinese etc (which looks in a "tags" field in the db) or chose among the books for eg Joseki, Opening, Beginners Books etc (which looks in another "tags" field.
There is also a Search function which looks in all fields.
Sometimes I think I put too many search options there, but these are functions that I would like as a customer so...

Oh, another change I made today: Items that I don't have in stock are listed with gray text instead of black.

When looking through some papers today, err, yesterday, I found a leaflet with a web adress to a Chinese distributor, maybe I will import some stuff from them; if google translate is correct I think it will be quite ok. :-)

måndag 29 juni 2009


I found a couple of drawings when I searched for some documents about my car...

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Webshop news

Seems like all is clear about taking over as the main provider of Go material in Sweden.
So, those of you who had Go'n'Games bookmarked may want to replace it with http://mohsart.se/shop sometime soon :-)

The goods must be crazy

Not really, just a title that came to mind...

Slowly the webshop http://mohsart.se/shop is maturing and while I'm awaiting a delivery from China I'm trying to make connections to be able to sell other things.

The order from China is a bit of a chance; if the stuff is good or at least OK I will be able to make a little money out of it (or at least break even) but since it's a small order it won't make me rich.
If it works out fine then maybe in the future I'll be able to make some money. We'll see.
If I can set up a distribution line for Chinese books i will expand the number of titles I carry, but I don't know yet how to do that.

I have tried to get hold of Kamil Budzinski, the creator of Almost Sente (if anyone knows how to reach him, feel free to let me know) and I hope to be able to sell E3A stuff soon.
I also plan to carry Hikaru no Go and possibly some other (game related) Manga. Tips on titles are welcome, preferably in English.
All I know of except for Hikaru no Go is Shion no Oh which is about a female Shogi player and AFAIK it is only available in Japanese.

Oh, if you know how things work with Manga distribution please let me know. If my option is buying the books from e.g. Staffars Serier, I may just as well direct my customers there. I need to be able to buy for a better price, but since I don't count on being able to sell many copies maybe it won't work out.

I'm a little frustrated because I have had no response from Go'n'Games about taking over as the main provider of Go material in Sweden, but I hope that will work out soon.

My vacation starts next week and maybe I'll be able to put some more time into this project, or maybe I'll just go fishing.
Speaking of which, i made four floats from wine corks the other day, and put two fishing rods in order. I thought I ony had one (broken) rod and a old reel, but sometimes my garage holds more than I know of, if I can fix the broken rod I actually have three complete rods and a spare reel :-)

fredag 19 juni 2009

Web shop

Mostly as a excuse to learn more about MySQL, PHP, and web design, I have started to work on a web shop.
I will sell Go books and playing material, and possibly some other things, like the Mah Jong set I have on it right now.

The web shop can be found here: http://mohsart.se/shop

måndag 8 juni 2009

A dream come true

This saturday, one of my best friends threw a party because she just turned 40.
Some 20 years ago or so she told me about a dream she had and now that it came true I decided to illustrate it...
"Damn, I've turned old", "I'm 40"
"Well, think of me then", "I'm 41"

More than anything, this was a exercise for me in how to draw hands.

fredag 29 maj 2009

Google Wave

Google keeps it up, now with a product that combines email, IM, wiki, facebook-like communities, blogs, and much much more...

This is called Wave and I'd like to thank my friend Linus who wrote about it.
Although I didn't take time to watch the whole demo, it looks pretty damn good to me.

Oh and the fact that it's open source don't hurt...

Go on CCTV

361points.com/blog is not always so interesting, but today there is a interesting TV show there.

onsdag 27 maj 2009

My Study

At the moment, this is what it looks like...

Number Pads

I remember that I have read somewhere as to why there are two standards in how the numbers are positioned on numeric key pads, but I cannot for the life of me remember...

What am I talking about?
Well, take a look on the numeric keypad on your computer keyboard and then on your phone; on the computer keypad the numbers go 7, 8, 9; 4, 5, 6; 1, 2, 3; and 0. On the phone they go 1, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6; 7, 8, 9; and 0.

Now, why are there two standards, and why have not one of them taken over yet?

Computer-like devices:
Computer keyboards (from DEC VT52 to modern PCs)

Phone-like devices:
ATM machine keypads
Pads for Bank errands via Internet
Port code devices (Code locks to enter the Server room or the building where you live)
Credit Card pads (when you pay in your local store)

I got some sort of answer when googling for examples of these two standards:

It seems it's all Bell Labs' fault.

Still it doesn't explain why one standard hasn't taken over completely yet...

tisdag 26 maj 2009

The disgusting human body

Lately, on the left side of my chin, beneath the ear, every other day or so I discover a hard spot. When I squeeze it, some white stuff comes out that smells like vinegar.

lördag 23 maj 2009



När man designar en brandvägg är det oerhört viktigt att tänka igenom regelverket, här har jag fäst en bärlina i schassit med tre franska träskruvar medan den andra bärs upp av tre lecablocks-plintar.

Logo sketch

Based on this old Coat of Arms of the city of Stockholm...
I made this quick sketch for a logo for the Stockholm Go Club



fredag 22 maj 2009

Too many languages

Within reach I have the following lexicons:
Swedish - German
German - Swedish
Swedish - English x 2
English - Swedish x 2
Swedish - English / English - Swedish x 2
French - Swedish / Swedish - French x 2
English - Polish / Polish - English
English - Hungarian / Hungarian - English
English - Slovakian / Slovakian - English
Spanish - English / English - Spanish
English - Chinese / Chinese - English

Josef 1991

I've been looking for this drawing for a while, so I was very happy to finally find it.
I remember that I was extremely happy about the result when I made it, I can't really see why now...

torsdag 21 maj 2009

Patio, day two (2)

Cutting the edges


Patio, day two (1)


Märkligt, jag googlade "agentfrukost" och fick endast en träff.
Har det uttrycket för kaffe och cigg till frukost så totalt försvunnit att det inte lämnat digitala märken efter sig? Eller är det anti-rökningsmaffian som lyckats sudda ut det iom att det coolifierar rökandet?
Det är i alla fall inte ett uttryck som bara de i min närmaste umgängeskrets använder, jag kan på rak arm påminna mig ett fall då en helt oassocierad person använt det; böjer jag armen kanske jag kan komma på två...

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Patio, day one

What it looked like beforeThis was harder work than I expected
This was not as hard work as expected :O

tisdag 19 maj 2009

Snusk à la geografi

Det har iofs sökts på annat än snusk, vilket härmed även det redovisas...

kåta småflickor
david liljemark
flickor som har hundsex
kackerlacka komika
nakna småflickorna
porr med unga tjejer djur
småflickor knullar
unga nakna småflickor
´+walderhaug+la danse macabre

"rosenhanes äventyr"
7 eleven gullmarsplan öppettider
fläskytterfilé english menu
komika kackerlacka
kåta flickor i japan
kåta småflickor
lars krantz dödvatten
nakna flickor
nakna sexiga tanter
nakna småflickor porr
sex gamla tanter unga flickor
sexiga småflickor
små unga flickor sex
småflickor som vill knulla

kåta småflickor
nakna flickor blog
nakna video småflickor
porr med gamlingar
små kåta flickor
småflickor knullar

kåta småflickor
recept på fläskytterfile med fetaost

dödvatten lars krantz
fläskytterfile bacon
sj sms

jenny grebbestad
maria bodsunder

andops von skanklejanger
kåta småflickor

josef daagarsson

kåta småflickor porrfilmer
porr med gamlingar

kåta småflickor
problem analytics firefox

nakenporr med flickor
nakna flickor board

flicker som vill knulla
porr småflickor gratis

games swedish pc -torrent blogspot
pc games swedish blogspot

kåta flickor video

marcus ivarsson deluxe

narcissism + svamp på penis + bilder
sexiga flikor

kåta småflickor

kåta småflickor
var bor jenny grebbestad

"aurora walderhaug"

mohsart blogg zorn och dirna

fredagsmiddag för 2


kåta småflickor

video om herrgårdsstek

borgarskolan blogg


gamla tanter knullar

nakna svarta unga flikor

små sexiga flickor

kåta gamla tanter

kåta småflickor

kåta småflickor

naken stjärt


unga flikor

Visst är det spännande!..

Syndiga Sverige

De snuskiga sökord som använts för att hitta hit verkar till 99,9% ha skrivits i Sverige, även de felstavade. Kanske inte så konstigt, vilken Fransman eller Japan skulle komma sig för att googla på "småflickor som knullas", "små kåta flickor porr" och liknande? (De söker väl på "cartes francais" respektive "bukake" eller nåt...)
Om/när jag får tid/lust ska jag göra en geografisk undersökning över vad folk i olika landsändar sökt på..

Mitt första "meme"

Jenny B började och Malin hakade på, och varför inte även jag; även om jag inte platsar i det gänget då jag knappt ens hobbytecknar längre...

Har du en "uppvärmningsbild", dvs ett enkelt motiv du skissar för att komma igång?

Japp. Gubbar med stora näsor, ibland flickor med stora bröst.

Har du en valk på rithanden och isf var på handen?
Mhm, på långfingrets yttersta led, mot pekfingret; fast ganska diskret nu då jag inte tecknat på länge.

Blyerts - ja/nej? Om ja, vilken typ och hårdhet?
Ja. 0,5/0,7 mm och ännu tjockare 2 mm(?) stiftpennor. Olika hårdhet beroende på, men inga extremer.

Tusch - ja/nej? Om ja, vilken teknik o vilken typ av tusch?
Visst. Rotring vattenlösligt, "riktigt" tusch i glasflaska (stålpenna och pensel), filtpennor...

Akvarell - ja/nej? Om ja, på papper med fin eller grov gräng?
Ja, akvarellblock med medel-gräng. Billigt krafs som säkert inte håller tills konstverken blir värdefulla; men när^H^H^Hom det sker så är jag redan död då, så skit samma.

Vilka tre ritverktyg tar du med dig till en öde ö?
Två knivar och ett bryne.

Elfenbenskartong, ovan nämnda akvarellblock och "vanligt" ritpapper i A4 och A3.

Vad är ditt bästa tecknartips?
Träna kroki och dyl. med tusch, inte blyerts/sudd eller kol. Kan man inte ändra lär man sig göra rätt från början.

Vilket sudd kan du inte leva utan?
Jag kör med såna där staedtler-sudd (vita med blå/vit "gördel") som är trevliga när de är nya och som tur är så brukar jag slarva bort dem ganska snabbt. Annars är mitt knådsudd trevligt, konstigt nog har jag inte slarvat bort det än.
Leva utan sudd skulle jag dock klara fint, ta bara inte ifrån mig min Rotring-tuschpenna!

Vilken teknik behärskar du sämst...?
Teknik och teknik, jag fuskar mest med allt. Liksom, blandar akvarellfärg tjock som lera och kladdar på i täckande lager. Nånstans i bakhuvet vet jag hur man "ska" göra, men jag struntar i det och kör mitt egenpåhittade race. Så, jag vet inte.

Lunch, eller nåt

Det blev lite fel idag.
Jag fick med mig en låda med potatisgratäng; gott i sig men det hade inte skadat med en aning sovel till.
Nu var det en hög potatis badandes i ca en dl smält smör och grädde, närande och fint på alla sätt men som sagt en aning tråkigt.

Katastrofala omslag

För dem av er som mot förmodan missat denna sajt så ges här ett tidigt bidrag från den digra skattkistan som http://katastrofalaomslag.blogspot.com har att bjuda på.

måndag 18 maj 2009

Global warming, true or not?

Old but still worth a thought or two...
Edit: Seems he made a update, basically the same but maybe a bit better...

Tyresta 10 years after the fire

In 1999 there was a great big fire in the Nature Reservation Tyresta, less than 1 hour by bus south of Stockholm.
During the fire 450 hectares of forest was destroyed, the whole area is 5000 hectares though, so not a complete catastrophy. Actually, it is quite interesting with the once completely destroyed nature that is slowly coming back...
The area borders my home Commune, Tyresö, so it is quite convenient for me to go there.
Dispite that, I have only been there a couple of times.

In the central parts I think no trees survived, but a bit off some did, they are seriously burned so it is quite amazing that they're still standing, though I think that most of them will die within the next years

Some of the dead trees are really beautiful
A good advice is to stay on the path, dead trees may fall any time, and the ground is not safe everywhere
Wasteland as far as you can see, it is amazing in a strange kind of way
In the outskirts of the area, some trees survived
A sharp border marks where the fire ended; helicopters were flying back and forth bringing water from the lake to put out the fire. Makes me think about how many fish they threw into the flames

lördag 16 maj 2009


Idioterna fattar i alla fall att göra reklam för sig på rätt plats...

Armin Tuulse - Borgar i Västerlandet 1952

Började bläddra i denna gamla fina bok, jag har läst den en gång men kanske dags att läsa om den snart. Borgar är grymt coola...

What I did in High School part 2 (in Swedish)

Jag sitter här och skriver
och i huvudet mig river
Jag jobbar så att pennan glöder
och så att huvudsvålen blöder

What I did in High School

I found some drawings that I made during class in High School that I thought I'd share with you...
My German Teacher, Adèle Schriber.
From top to bottom, Swedish Teacher, Social Studies Teacher, and Chemistry Teacher. I fail to remember their names atm.

Of course I never meant them no harm, this was just a fun thing for me.

I just got my scanner sort of working with my Vista computer.
Sort of == I don't know yet how to fine-tune the scans, so this is just with default settings and no after-work...

fredag 15 maj 2009

Picture problem in FF

I have not yet found a way to get rid of the dot above the thumbnail described in my last post.
However, I found that setting "text-size: 0;" moves it down to the frame.

onsdag 13 maj 2009

One solved, one new...

Sometimes I am too fast...
The dotted frame is gone, but now after the same procedure (clicking a thumbnail and then Go Back) there is a dot above the thumbnail. Again, this happens with FF but not with IE.

Dotted frames around pictures in FF (solved)

display: block; did the trick, I probably overused it but whatever works :-)

Dotted frames around pictures in FF

On http://mohsart.se/art I have some drawings and stuff. I am pretty content with the layout, although I will make some minor changes like background colors and different thumbnails for drawings and folders with drawings in them etc.
However, there is one thing that disturbs me a lot: If I click on a thumbnail to see a drawing and then go back, the thumbnail is left with a dotted line around it.
This does not happen with IE, which is even more disturbing since I prefer FF.

If someone has a tip on how to get rid of this, please let me know!

söndag 10 maj 2009

Go games on EuroGoTV

I mounted my webcam on an old Tripod today and I believe it will be quite good for showing Go games on e.g. EuroGoTV.
In this picture, the lens is 135 cm above ground, which will make it possible to stream at a very nice angle.

lördag 9 maj 2009


Baconinlindad och fetaostfylld fläskytterfilé med klyftpotatis
(A try to translate to English follows below)

Två paket Bacon

Skär upp köttet längsmed och vik ut, skär en skåra i sidorna och vik ut ännu mer
Lägg i fetaost, peppra och vik ihop
Linda in köttstycket med baconskivor
Bryn i stekpanna, peppra
Häll olja i en djup ugnsplåt och lägg i köttet i mitten
Skala och stycka potatisen till klyftor och lägg i runtom köttet, salta och strö över timjan
grädda i ugnen i 225 grader tills klyftpotatisen ser klar ut, vänd köttet och rör om i potatisen efter en kvart eller så.

Jag gjorde en sås också på spad, grädde, kantareller och senap, men den blev inte jättebra.

Skulle ha haft vin till, men det var kö ut på gatan, så det fick bli mjölk

The part of the Pig that Google Translate calls "dorso-lumbar region", without bones; in Swedish: "Fläskytterfilé" or "benfri kotlettrad".
A little less good part than the fillet, that easilly gets dry and boring, hence the bacon.
Three packs of bacon, about 250 grams.
Feta Cheese

Cut up the meat and flatten it out
Put the Cheese onto the meat, add pepper, and fold it together
Wrap the bacon around it
Fry lightly in a pan and add some more pepper
Pour some oil into a oven pan and put the meat in the middle
Peel the potatoes, cut into wedges, and scatter it to the left and right of the meat, add salt and thyme

Roast at 225 degrees until done, turn the meat and potato after 15 min or so