tisdag 30 juni 2009

Sleepless in Stockholm

Couldn't sleep so I spent some of the night working on the webshop.
The code is starting to get too complex for me to be able to understand it, which is a little frightening. I wonder if I am stupid or if my coding is really bad, probably a bit of both :(

Also, when I add different ways for people to find what they are looking for it starts to become important to think about design.
I suspect that both the database and the page ought to have a little different designs, but it's hard to see before adding items to the database and adding functionality to the page; and it is of course sometimes to change the design afterwards...

I have about 130 items in the database at the moment and it is possible to chose from categories such as Go, Chess, Go Books in Chinese etc (which looks in a "tags" field in the db) or chose among the books for eg Joseki, Opening, Beginners Books etc (which looks in another "tags" field.
There is also a Search function which looks in all fields.
Sometimes I think I put too many search options there, but these are functions that I would like as a customer so...

Oh, another change I made today: Items that I don't have in stock are listed with gray text instead of black.

When looking through some papers today, err, yesterday, I found a leaflet with a web adress to a Chinese distributor, maybe I will import some stuff from them; if google translate is correct I think it will be quite ok. :-)

måndag 29 juni 2009


I found a couple of drawings when I searched for some documents about my car...

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Webshop news

Seems like all is clear about taking over as the main provider of Go material in Sweden.
So, those of you who had Go'n'Games bookmarked may want to replace it with http://mohsart.se/shop sometime soon :-)

The goods must be crazy

Not really, just a title that came to mind...

Slowly the webshop http://mohsart.se/shop is maturing and while I'm awaiting a delivery from China I'm trying to make connections to be able to sell other things.

The order from China is a bit of a chance; if the stuff is good or at least OK I will be able to make a little money out of it (or at least break even) but since it's a small order it won't make me rich.
If it works out fine then maybe in the future I'll be able to make some money. We'll see.
If I can set up a distribution line for Chinese books i will expand the number of titles I carry, but I don't know yet how to do that.

I have tried to get hold of Kamil Budzinski, the creator of Almost Sente (if anyone knows how to reach him, feel free to let me know) and I hope to be able to sell E3A stuff soon.
I also plan to carry Hikaru no Go and possibly some other (game related) Manga. Tips on titles are welcome, preferably in English.
All I know of except for Hikaru no Go is Shion no Oh which is about a female Shogi player and AFAIK it is only available in Japanese.

Oh, if you know how things work with Manga distribution please let me know. If my option is buying the books from e.g. Staffars Serier, I may just as well direct my customers there. I need to be able to buy for a better price, but since I don't count on being able to sell many copies maybe it won't work out.

I'm a little frustrated because I have had no response from Go'n'Games about taking over as the main provider of Go material in Sweden, but I hope that will work out soon.

My vacation starts next week and maybe I'll be able to put some more time into this project, or maybe I'll just go fishing.
Speaking of which, i made four floats from wine corks the other day, and put two fishing rods in order. I thought I ony had one (broken) rod and a old reel, but sometimes my garage holds more than I know of, if I can fix the broken rod I actually have three complete rods and a spare reel :-)

fredag 19 juni 2009

Web shop

Mostly as a excuse to learn more about MySQL, PHP, and web design, I have started to work on a web shop.
I will sell Go books and playing material, and possibly some other things, like the Mah Jong set I have on it right now.

The web shop can be found here: http://mohsart.se/shop

måndag 8 juni 2009

A dream come true

This saturday, one of my best friends threw a party because she just turned 40.
Some 20 years ago or so she told me about a dream she had and now that it came true I decided to illustrate it...
"Damn, I've turned old", "I'm 40"
"Well, think of me then", "I'm 41"

More than anything, this was a exercise for me in how to draw hands.