onsdag 30 april 2008

Old drawings (and one new)

I decided to scan some old stuff...

Possibly my first try at making a comic. I don't recall when I drew it, but I remember I got the main character's name "Tex" from a Lucky Luke album. Not long after that, I discovered Tex Willer and maybe that was why I didn't continue with more episodes...
Age: ?

I remember I was home from school with a cold when I drew this self portrait, with help from a hand held mirror I put beside the paper.
You can see my stabismus ("skelning" in Swedish), which I still have (or do you say "suffer from"?) when I am tired, anyhow I was always good at copying images and not assuming things to look a certain way.
Age: 12 years old.

From a photo of the Swedish Navy ship "HMS Gladan".
Age: 15 years old.

A quick try to make a caricature of the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Age 40 years old.

So the conclusion could be: Just because you have a talent you still must work hard if you want to become good at a thing like drawing. I have been drawing on and off all my life, but always when I start after not having done it for a couple of years it looks like crap.
I hope to be able to post something better-looking in the future. :-)

Remember the tree that ate a bike?

Near my work, this tree is slowly trying to consume a fense.
(A link to the bike-eating tree)

tisdag 29 april 2008

Spännande lunchmat

Det finns en lunchkrog nära jobbet som vi brukar kalla "sunkhaket" och ibland rör de ihop lite annorlunda varianter av diverse rätter.
De serverar normalt gammal hederlig husmanskost som pannbiff med lök, herrgårdsstek etc och i de flesta fall är maten helt OK.

Senaste udda rätten jag fått var skomakarlåda, men utan bacon och lök och idag serverade de strömmingsflundra med potatismos och lingonsylt, turligt nog så tog jag raggmunken, som var sådär men iaf normalt tillagad.

Raggmunk kan tyckas vara ett säkert kort, men en gång så fick jag faktiskt raggmunk med fläsk och lingonsylt men dessutom löksås. Löksås och lingonsylt neutraliserar varandra på ett synnerligen osmakligt sätt, bara så ni vet.