måndag 21 september 2009

All lost in the Indian Restaurant

I went to Indian Restarant Lagan for lunch today.
Since I was a bit late, the place was almost empty, only two other tables were occupied, we were five people in total inside, and one person sitting outside (some folks just won't accept that summer's over I guess).
All the other (four people) were eating already, actually they were almost done and I was waiting for my food.
So the waiter comes out and walks all the way to the other side of the room, all five of us wating/awaiting food was at the tables next to the cashier.
Well, the waiter looked left and he looked right and couldn't find the person who's food he was carrying, in fact he couldn't find anybody because he was at the far end of the room, as far as possible away from all the guests.
After a short while, the owner (I think) called him and pointed at me and I finally got my food.

onsdag 16 september 2009

New books

I have started to add some other than Go books now.

From my new distributer, Förlagssystem, I have ordered books about Shogi, Xiangqi, Poker, Bridge, and Mahjong.
I also ordered the two volumes of Trondheim's Donjon (a cartoon set in a Dungeons and Dragons kind of world) that Komika has published in Swedish.

And while i was at it I ordered two books on how to draw Manga.

Some of these titles are in Swedish and some in English, to find them in the webshop (for now) the easiest way is to search for eg Poker, Mahjong, or Manga; or chose "Various" in the drop-down list ("Diverse" in Swedish).

måndag 7 september 2009

Christmas is coming

Since I have a store, Christmas is almost here; so I thought I'd come up with some special offers.

It is not a easy task...
Since there is very little profit with the standard prices, I cannot afford to give huge discounts.
One way is to give away hard-to-sell items to those spend more than a certain amount and another to offer discounts on big orders.
I did that, except for that the items I am giving away are not hard to sell but I have too many of them.
I also packaged the discount on "big orders" offer into a "buy the whole series" kind of deal. I like that a bit more...

Buuut, since it's Christmas (at least soon) it's nice to have a deal on some special items, so that people can buy things to give away for Christmas doh. So I also added a discount deal on the small Go-sets with legs.

Hopefully some people will have some money left after this, and the business will prosper in the long run. Well, I can dream, right?