måndag 15 februari 2010

New blog

Since I found myself explaining the same basic things over and over again, and also found interesting stuff that I wanted to look into without having the time atm, I started a new blog dedicated to PrestaShop.
Here I will write solutions/explanations that I used to write in the PrestaShop forum, and from when I have something written just link to the post.
Also, with the tag Note to Self, I'll post things that I want to remember/look into.

Mapping network drives with Windows 7

I had some big problems mapping up my NAS on my new mini-PC that runs Windows 7.
It was very weird, because it just wouldn't accept the user name or password, which I knew were correct.

A number of hits on google suggested that the only solution was to upgrade to Premium.
But after a while I found this suggestion
Enable XP compatible mode, or some such by...
Create this new value in the registry:
And voila, it works just like it ought to.
Apparently M$ changed how networking works but left no information about this where one actually use it. So everything looks just right, except that the password won't work.

I wonder how many actually upgrades without any reason, just because it said so on the interwebs...

lördag 13 februari 2010

Chinese New Year is coming up!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, I will have a sale on the webshop for one week.
Prices on selected items, mostly Chinese, will be reduced by 10-38%

fredag 5 februari 2010

Doppelganger Week

At first when people started to change the pic on Facebook to some famous look-a-like, I thought that there are noone famous whom I look like.
But then I remembered that a friend used to think I looked like Roky Erickson, so I googled a bit for pictures...
And me then, from when I did my military service...