fredag 28 augusti 2009


Just when I decided not to blog too much, I stumbled upon this nice pictureI happened to notice a email address in our system that was 33 characters + @ + domain name and got kind of curious about how long they can be.
Aparently they can be longer than what anyone could ever want, which doesn't necesarily mean that addresses close to the limit will work everywhere.
If I understand things right the username part can be up to 64 characters and the domain can be 255 characters; the total length of a email address can not however be longer than 254 characters.

(Here is where I found the picture and the information on how long the address can be)

This blog is dead, long live this blog

I will not be blogging so much in the future; there just isn't time for it, also, I don't have so much of interest to say (not that I ever had, but yeah whatever).

Anyways, I will keep writing from time to time, but from now on mostly about the webshop.

About the webshop
I will be attending some conventions in the near future and try to Spread The Word about Go...
Maybe I will sell some stuff, but the main object is to attract more players. In the end, I hope that it will result in more sales but we'll see. (Actually, since these things are hard to measure, we may not see, but still.)

Here are the upcoming events that I will attend:
Bara Spel in Vällingby Sept 4-6
Incognicon in Skapnäcks Kulturhus Sept 18-20
Stockholms spelkonvent Oct 29-Nov 1, it's strange but I cannot seem to find where that one will be held