torsdag 30 april 2009

On my way again

Sitting on the train to Lund, to play in the Swedish Go Championship.
Kinda boring, but at least I've got Internet... (God no, I can quit whenever I want!)

måndag 27 april 2009

300? 400?

I've had 280 hits on this blog since I begun using ther Google Analytics tool on April 1st, and judging from the trend I will probably reach 300, maybe even 400 by the end of the month.
Then I will reveal some exciting statistics about who has come here and why. :-)

I can guess some stuff, like the hit from Boston was possibly from a family member of the Mannheim clan, with whom I had the pleasure to spend a school year in the mid-80ies as a exchange student.
The hit from Israel, where I AFAIK don't know anyone, on the other hand may be from the same person who spelled "flickor" (girls) as "flikor", or "porr" (porn) as "por" when he was googling for websites of his taste.

Oh! Maybe I can reach 500 if I mention that this blog usually never discuss "Ipred-lagen" (the Ipred law) or Pirates (including "Piratpartiet" and "nedladdning av upphovsrättsskyddat material"), torrents, trackers and what not.
I am also not very keen on talking about p00rn, pron, or porn-star wannabe sexy, naked, big breasted babes having sex with old men, horses and dogs (bitches). Just so that you know.
And I won't even mention USA politics with Obama, Hillary Clinton and George W Bush; I don't think I'll ever say anything about those folks.

söndag 26 april 2009

SPX day two

I went to the Censor- and Horror Comics-seminars which were nice but not really what I had expected.
Mike Diana held a monologue about his conviction for making obscene art (which wasn't considered art, because well it was considered obscene) and after that a little not so good talk about some Swedish not so similar cases by Mats Jonsson and David Liljemark.
The Horror seminar turned out to be a bit of a anti-autobiographical thing; sure they started out talking about horror cartoons, but that was never really the focus but more that cartoons of all kinds of genres should co-exist.

Then I had to go, so didn't have time to buy any more albums and fanzines, maybe a good thing since I spent a lot on the first day.

lördag 25 april 2009


Today I spent most of the day at the Small Press Expo in Stockholm.

I bought
Aspesthjärtan by Tinet Elmgren
Lappland Zombie Blues by Anders Skoglund
Ink 1-3 by Jenny Berggrund
Welcome to Wonderland by "Think Ink"
Till alla jag legat med by Mikael Sol
Kackerlacka by Malin Biller, Nickan Johansson, Per Teljer and Li Österberg
Pusselbitar by Partik Rochling and Li Österberg
Dödvatten by Lars Krantz
Love Hurts by Kim W Andersson
Deluxe by Marcus Ivarsson
Sösa paret och deras vänner by Joakim Pirinen
Homo Norvegicus by Christopher Nielsen
La Dance Macabre by Aurora Walderhaug
Bouncer 2 by Jodorowsky/Boucq
Zorn & Dirna by Morvan/Bessadi/Trannoy/Color Twins
Rosenhanes äventyr by Per Dammervall
Sir Arthur Benton 1 by Tarek/Stéphane Perger
Det tredje testamentet 1-2 by X Dorison/A Alice
Hergés äventyr by Bocquet/Fromental/Stanislas

Got some signed too, from left to right Joakim Pirinen, Kim W Andersson and Mikael Sol.

I met a old friend too, Josef Daagarsson, who was studying in Konstfack last time I saw him, now he's got about one year left for his Masters degree in Arts.
We meet irregularly once every 2-5 years, him and me.

fredag 24 april 2009

Kids these days

I stepped out to have a smoke and across the road a couple of High School girls were walking by eating ice cream. Right when they passed a trashcan one of them dropped the wrapping papper on the sidewalk.
I was thinking to myself that I should tell them off, but that's not the Swedish way, I decided to write about it in the blog instead. THAT will show them!

torsdag 23 april 2009

More about the toilet

Today it smells like someone has thrown up in there :-(

Google Analytics problems part 4

The problem is still here after the upgrade to 3.0.9

Oldest color prints

I found this site today, with color photographs from the early 20th century and it got me wondering when the first picture in color was taken.
I think I will try to find out, but right now I don't have time for it. If anyone happens to know, feel free to tell me, ok? :-)

onsdag 22 april 2009

How to be social with others?

I find it very embarrassing to meet a person that I have met several times but cannot recall the name of when I am with someone else.
If we are good friends it would be natural to introduce the people to each others, "A, this is B. B, this is my good friend A" but when you don't remember A's name it becomes tricky.
Also, when A don't say anything about his friend (lets call him C) it kind of gets like at work when someone don't say "hello" when you meet, and you get unsure about if you should say "hello" yourself.
I think this is a very Swedish phenomenon.

tisdag 21 april 2009

Shitty work

One of the toilets at work is really disgusting.

First, the holder for the toilet brush that is supposed to be wall mounted is broken so someone has stuck it in-between the wall and the wastebags for menstrual pads.
There is always some water in it, so when you use it it is very hard to avoid spilling some more or less shitty water on the cover for the wastebags and on the floor.

Secondly, the flush is quite powerful so if the lid to the toilet is down, quite a lot of water splashes back up and spills onto the seat. Even if that water probably isn't so dirty, it is still uncomfortable to sit in it; I also don't like to wipe the seat before I sit down to take a crap, but what else is there to do...

If the ladies toilet is free, it is always a better choise. I guess quite some people have noticed this, because above the toulet, someone has put up a sign that reads "Stand closer, it's not as big as you think!"

onsdag 15 april 2009

Wacom worries

I have been thinking of buying a Wacom tablet for some time, but I cannot decide which one.
First I looked into the Wacom Bamboo A6, which costs around SEK 900:- but then I thought maybe such a cheap model may be too limited for my future needs. And it would be nice with a bigger one than A6 too.

So I looked at the Wacom Intuos A6 (SEK 2 500:-) and A5 (SEK 4 400:-) or even A4 (SEK 6 000:-)

However, if I spend that kind of money I may as well go for the Wacom Cintiq 12" (SEK 13 800:-).
The Cintiq is the only model where you can see what you dray on the actual pad instead of on the computer screen (the pad doubles as a touch screen) so it is quite interesting although it costs more than I would like to pay for such a thing.

So maybe I should stick with the cheap stuff after all, but what if I decide after 6 months that I want the more expensive one? SEK 1 000:- will have been wasted (unless I could sell it of course)...


Google Analytics problems part 3

I just noticed that it is only the top part of the "page" that is grayed out, see screenshot below.

måndag 13 april 2009

RFE for SMS messages from SJ (Swedish Rails)

I have now a number of unnecessary SMS messages in my phone. Actually I have manually deleted them, but I had confirmations of train tickets being bought, calls to "check in", and messages with codes to show to the ticket inspectors. In total four confirmations, two messages to "check in" and four messages with codes - 10 SMS messages. (This for a two way trip Stockholm - Copenhagen.)

Now, why do I have to manually delete them? There should be some sort of life span parameter that could be set for those kinds of SMS messages!

Also, I would like to have the car and seat number in the SMS with the codes to show to the ticket inspector; and the time of departure and arrival. I don't get many SMS messages, but I still had to browse back and forth a lot.
Oh and while I'm at it, why do I get them in reverse order? If not possible to send the info in one SMS, I would prefer if the info about the first part of the trip would come before the info about the last and not the other way around.

söndag 12 april 2009

Nordic Go Championship day 3

The tournament is over, but I and ManMachine left early so we don't know the final results.
My guess is that Pål Sannes, 4 dan from Norway is the winner.
I ended up with a 3-3 score, losing against a Finnish 1 dan in round 5 and winning the final round against a Danish 5 kyu.
I took no pictures today, but all pictures from day one and two can be seen here.
Over all, it was a very nice tournament. I would have liked a shower though, and the fact that my cheese and salami was stolen was pretty disturbing.

Now on the train home I am thinking about if I shall go to the Swedish Championship or not, just travel expenses goes beyond SEK 1000 and I've spent a lot recently on Go tournaments.
Still, Swedish Championship is a little special... We'll see I guess.

lördag 11 april 2009

Nordic Go Championship day 2

I won third round quite easy (if any game of Go ever is easy) and I lost round four by 0.5 p.
I guess I should be satisfied, but I did two really stupid mistakes in round four; one worth at least 10 p, so well... At least I'm at 2-2, so no shame, but I really feel I should have won round four as well...

Game review in-between the rounds

ManMachine wears sunglasses so the opponent won't see where he's reading.
A trick he learned from Kanin, maybe...
He is also at 2-2 now, btw.

The funny restaurant, klick to enlarge (that goes for all pictures, of course).

ManMachine enjoying his tofu, my dish in the foreground is beef curry and vegetables.

fredag 10 april 2009

Nordic Go Championship day 1

First round I met one of the other two Swedes, which was a bit of a bummer, I mean it should be us aginst them now.
I won that game and then I lost second round to a Danish 1 dan.

Dinner today: "Gong Bao with beef or pork" (I took beef) listed by Chicken dishes, was like a mix of Gong Bao Ji Ding and Thai wook. The people running the place was Thai so maybe not so strange.
The place was a bit strange though. They had Chinese food, Danish food, and hamburgers, hot dogs etc.
The restaurant also functioned as a candy store and a liquor store.


When I couldn't transfer the pictures via USB, I first tried Bluetooth, but the computer won't understand that it has a Bluetooth card installed, maybe I need to enable it in Bios...
Anyways, there is always IR...


The room where the actual games will be played

Nice light with the old factory ceiling-windows

Another outdoor picture showing the typical old factory building

This may get dirty

Cheap as I am, I chose to sleep at the playing venue, but it turned out there is no shower.
Apart from that, everything is quite good.
There's a small shop nearby where you can buy beer and cigarettes, and I'm told there are some pizzerias and restaurants not too far away.
The venue is a school for small kids that used to be a factory before that, maybe I'll post some pictures later (I forgot the USB cable or I would have done so right away).
Edit: The USB cable that I use with the 3G modem, for some reason doesn't work.

torsdag 9 april 2009

Train, train

I'm on my way to Copenhagen for the Nordic Championship of Go now, the train seems to be about 30 min late so I think I'll arrive around midnight. Then another 30 min to the playing venue, but it's OK first round is around noon tomorrow, at least I think so.
It's kinda boring riding a train on my own, but I brought my computer laptop and a 3G-modem so it's bareable.
The food is horribly expensive though; a (not very big) baguette with salami and brie cost SEK 40 and a can of beer around SEK 50.
Sorry about boring you to death by these uninteresting words. I'll stop now, promise. Not a soingle word more.
Not even one.
That's it.
Over and out.

onsdag 8 april 2009

Google Analytics problems part 2

I have now Firefox 3.0.8 on my second work computer and the websites still works fine on it.
I have tried disabling the plug-ins one by one on the one where they don't work but didn't help.
It seems to be isolated to this one computer and not a general problem, so I won't look into it much more. But I am very curious about what is wrong...

tisdag 7 april 2009

Google Analytics problems

I set up Google Analytics a few days ago to see better statistics than I had with the (I forget the name) other statistics tool I used before.
It worked fine for a while, but today, when I had a look on the pages, all context is sort of grayed out and no links are working.
I am not 100% sure that I tried it on this box so maybe it never worked in this environment, but I find it really weird. I have not been able to find a solution via google yet, but then I cannot spend too much time with it during work.
Not working
Win XP, sp 2, Firefox 3.0.8
Win XP, sp 2, Firefox 3.0.7/Internet Explorer 6.0
Edit: My box at home works fine too (Win XP, sp 3, Firefox 3.0.8)

What makes it really, really weird is that I checked the code (view source) on another blog (not mine) that use the same statistics tool, and the code is (in all relevant aspetcs) the same; still that blog is working just fine in all my environments.
If you'd like to look for yourself, the relevant code is in-between the "head" and "body" blocks.

Feel free to post a note if you see a problem similar to mine, or if you think you have a solution...

måndag 6 april 2009

Lunch på Greens Bar igen

Jaha, det blir nog till att undvika Greens Bar på måndagar framöver...
Även Oxjärparna de serverade idag var proppade med ärtor, morötter och till det även äcklig jäkla majs!
Den stekta potatisen var däremot stekt potatis denna gång, lättstekt iofs, men helt ok.

fredag 3 april 2009

Release the Prisoners to Spring

(Swedish: Släpp fångarna loss, det är vår!)

The spring really has come to Stockholm now.
I have such a spring fever, it's crazy...
I never before got so affected by seasons, I never get depressed by the dark winters for example, but now I am all jumpy and have big problems doing any good at work.
My plan is to make up for it during the week-end evenings, I have a shitload of unread emails (>350) that I need to look through. (Actually, it's not really as bad as it sounds. I need to skim through them, but it's not too urgent.)
Oh well, I guess I'll head out for some food now before the lunch break is over.