tisdag 21 april 2009

Shitty work

One of the toilets at work is really disgusting.

First, the holder for the toilet brush that is supposed to be wall mounted is broken so someone has stuck it in-between the wall and the wastebags for menstrual pads.
There is always some water in it, so when you use it it is very hard to avoid spilling some more or less shitty water on the cover for the wastebags and on the floor.

Secondly, the flush is quite powerful so if the lid to the toilet is down, quite a lot of water splashes back up and spills onto the seat. Even if that water probably isn't so dirty, it is still uncomfortable to sit in it; I also don't like to wipe the seat before I sit down to take a crap, but what else is there to do...

If the ladies toilet is free, it is always a better choise. I guess quite some people have noticed this, because above the toulet, someone has put up a sign that reads "Stand closer, it's not as big as you think!"

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