måndag 27 april 2009

300? 400?

I've had 280 hits on this blog since I begun using ther Google Analytics tool on April 1st, and judging from the trend I will probably reach 300, maybe even 400 by the end of the month.
Then I will reveal some exciting statistics about who has come here and why. :-)

I can guess some stuff, like the hit from Boston was possibly from a family member of the Mannheim clan, with whom I had the pleasure to spend a school year in the mid-80ies as a exchange student.
The hit from Israel, where I AFAIK don't know anyone, on the other hand may be from the same person who spelled "flickor" (girls) as "flikor", or "porr" (porn) as "por" when he was googling for websites of his taste.

Oh! Maybe I can reach 500 if I mention that this blog usually never discuss "Ipred-lagen" (the Ipred law) or Pirates (including "Piratpartiet" and "nedladdning av upphovsrättsskyddat material"), torrents, trackers and what not.
I am also not very keen on talking about p00rn, pron, or porn-star wannabe sexy, naked, big breasted babes having sex with old men, horses and dogs (bitches). Just so that you know.
And I won't even mention USA politics with Obama, Hillary Clinton and George W Bush; I don't think I'll ever say anything about those folks.

2 kommentarer:

Boywing sa...

Hey! This is CHEATING! ;)
Btw... I am the one from Frankfurt, Germany. :P

mohsart sa...

Oh, I thought the Frankfurt dude was the one who googled for "boysex beim duschen"