tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Go Shelf part 3

Getting close to finished, I think that one more coat of varnish will be enough; not entirely sure yet if I should put varnish on the stones, but I think so.
On the left part there is the Mini Chinese Opening and San-Ren Sei on the right

On the outside, I'm putting up a fairly difficult Go problem, from this book
I think that one problem is enough, no need to overdo it, right?

fredag 27 augusti 2010

Go Shelf part 2

First coat of varnish...

This is how I will strengthen the construction, I'll mount it after the varnishing though because it would be too difficult to get it even with this bugger in place.

torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Go Shelf

So, I wanted some shelves above the computer, to put trays for invoices, price lists, etc; a stapler, a box with business cards, a couple of how-to books, a radio currently sitting on the window sill, a ruler, a notebook... Well, there are many things I want to have in reach here.

I cut a cheap Go Board in half to use to hold the shelves, I'll strengthen the construction a bit more later, because I'm not sure it will hold with just the nails and glue.

I cut another Go Board in half as well, to use for the back. I will drill holes in it and use to screw it tight onto the wall. This will hold, I'm sure because I used screws, but I didn't want to use those where they would be seen.

When I was half-way through I realized I should have flipped the back boards so that they would show the 13x13 board as the side boards do, in the inside. Oh well, I guess it won't show once I get it filled up with junk.