torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Go Shelf

So, I wanted some shelves above the computer, to put trays for invoices, price lists, etc; a stapler, a box with business cards, a couple of how-to books, a radio currently sitting on the window sill, a ruler, a notebook... Well, there are many things I want to have in reach here.

I cut a cheap Go Board in half to use to hold the shelves, I'll strengthen the construction a bit more later, because I'm not sure it will hold with just the nails and glue.

I cut another Go Board in half as well, to use for the back. I will drill holes in it and use to screw it tight onto the wall. This will hold, I'm sure because I used screws, but I didn't want to use those where they would be seen.

When I was half-way through I realized I should have flipped the back boards so that they would show the 13x13 board as the side boards do, in the inside. Oh well, I guess it won't show once I get it filled up with junk.

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