torsdag 1 juli 2010


We arrived safe in Shenyang, China around noon today (local time) after about 20 hours in the air and in the Amsterdam and Beijing airports.
It is raining so only around 30 degrees but quite humid.
Since Facebook and Google are blocked I had to do something to get around that.
gmail actually worked fine, I just had to go to, but google reader only worked for some of the sites, and of course Facebook didn't work at all.
Also, google reader is fine for reading blogs but not for writing...

Knowing all this before I went, I installed TeamViewer on my PC at home and I'm using it right now to get this post written.
I'm fairly satisfied with their remote control solution, but I had expected a little bit more from their VPN solution, which only be used to open a explorer window on the remote host, not what I'd call VPN.

2 kommentarer:

Boywing sa...

Have you tried Renren instead of Facebook?

mohsart sa...

I may have a look, but I really don't think that I need another site like that