måndag 13 april 2009

RFE for SMS messages from SJ (Swedish Rails)

I have now a number of unnecessary SMS messages in my phone. Actually I have manually deleted them, but I had confirmations of train tickets being bought, calls to "check in", and messages with codes to show to the ticket inspectors. In total four confirmations, two messages to "check in" and four messages with codes - 10 SMS messages. (This for a two way trip Stockholm - Copenhagen.)

Now, why do I have to manually delete them? There should be some sort of life span parameter that could be set for those kinds of SMS messages!

Also, I would like to have the car and seat number in the SMS with the codes to show to the ticket inspector; and the time of departure and arrival. I don't get many SMS messages, but I still had to browse back and forth a lot.
Oh and while I'm at it, why do I get them in reverse order? If not possible to send the info in one SMS, I would prefer if the info about the first part of the trip would come before the info about the last and not the other way around.

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