onsdag 22 april 2009

How to be social with others?

I find it very embarrassing to meet a person that I have met several times but cannot recall the name of when I am with someone else.
If we are good friends it would be natural to introduce the people to each others, "A, this is B. B, this is my good friend A" but when you don't remember A's name it becomes tricky.
Also, when A don't say anything about his friend (lets call him C) it kind of gets like at work when someone don't say "hello" when you meet, and you get unsure about if you should say "hello" yourself.
I think this is a very Swedish phenomenon.

2 kommentarer:

Boywing sa...

I am terrible at remembering peoples names. I've given up trying to remember.

This hello thing is a bit strange. People are often too shy to say hello. It is probably better to say hello a little too often than not. I think people are strange when they don't say hello to me.

Håkan / Wakuran sa...

I think it's more universal than we're prone to believe. Seinfeld is full of situations like this.

Probably because one of the main writers, Larry David, seems to have quite a hard time with social interaction, himself.