måndag 15 februari 2010

Mapping network drives with Windows 7

I had some big problems mapping up my NAS on my new mini-PC that runs Windows 7.
It was very weird, because it just wouldn't accept the user name or password, which I knew were correct.

A number of hits on google suggested that the only solution was to upgrade to Premium.
But after a while I found this suggestion
Enable XP compatible mode, or some such by...
Create this new value in the registry:
And voila, it works just like it ought to.
Apparently M$ changed how networking works but left no information about this where one actually use it. So everything looks just right, except that the password won't work.

I wonder how many actually upgrades without any reason, just because it said so on the interwebs...

2 kommentarer:

pel sa...

Since Vista Microsoft replaced SMB with SMB2 which isn't (for good reasons) backwards compatible with SMB.
Well.. as you discovered - it can be - but the backwards compability makes the good things moot.

mohsart sa...

My main complaints are that
1. the error message is ... well, I cannot really describe how bad
2. the suggested solution, to upgrade, isn't neccesary

If what you say is correct, it's even stupider to suggest a upgrade to resolve the problem; since those "good things" cannot hardly be less good with the premium edition than with the home edition.