måndag 7 september 2009

Christmas is coming

Since I have a store, Christmas is almost here; so I thought I'd come up with some special offers.

It is not a easy task...
Since there is very little profit with the standard prices, I cannot afford to give huge discounts.
One way is to give away hard-to-sell items to those spend more than a certain amount and another to offer discounts on big orders.
I did that, except for that the items I am giving away are not hard to sell but I have too many of them.
I also packaged the discount on "big orders" offer into a "buy the whole series" kind of deal. I like that a bit more...

Buuut, since it's Christmas (at least soon) it's nice to have a deal on some special items, so that people can buy things to give away for Christmas doh. So I also added a discount deal on the small Go-sets with legs.

Hopefully some people will have some money left after this, and the business will prosper in the long run. Well, I can dream, right?

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