tisdag 30 juni 2009

Sleepless in Stockholm

Couldn't sleep so I spent some of the night working on the webshop.
The code is starting to get too complex for me to be able to understand it, which is a little frightening. I wonder if I am stupid or if my coding is really bad, probably a bit of both :(

Also, when I add different ways for people to find what they are looking for it starts to become important to think about design.
I suspect that both the database and the page ought to have a little different designs, but it's hard to see before adding items to the database and adding functionality to the page; and it is of course sometimes to change the design afterwards...

I have about 130 items in the database at the moment and it is possible to chose from categories such as Go, Chess, Go Books in Chinese etc (which looks in a "tags" field in the db) or chose among the books for eg Joseki, Opening, Beginners Books etc (which looks in another "tags" field.
There is also a Search function which looks in all fields.
Sometimes I think I put too many search options there, but these are functions that I would like as a customer so...

Oh, another change I made today: Items that I don't have in stock are listed with gray text instead of black.

When looking through some papers today, err, yesterday, I found a leaflet with a web adress to a Chinese distributor, maybe I will import some stuff from them; if google translate is correct I think it will be quite ok. :-)

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