lördag 14 november 2009

From the News on the Webshop

Feeling lazy, but still maybe it's time to write something.
So, here goes. Copy/Pasted from http://mohsart.se/

There seems to have been problems ordering on the site from Nov 9, but it should be fixed now.
It seems like the problem occured when ordering the last item of something. When that happens, the webshop is configured to notify me to order more, but the folder with email templates for that functionality was empty for Swedish language. Surely a Prestashop bug, but should be ok now.

I have added a couple of links to the info block, I had that information in the links block before (actually, it's still there) but this way looks a little bit better imo.
As you can see, I have links to other webshops selling the same stuff that I sell.
This is because I care more about that You can order what You are looking for than to maximize my selling. Also, I am quite confident that I can stand the competition.
I would add Swedish sites as well, but I'm afraid that there are no sites that are good enough. SunAi in Stockholm may qualify, but just barely.

Oh, almost forgot: I added a new carrier for those ordering only books, by choosing that one, shipping costs will be much more accurate. Shipping really is a pain in the xxx, because I can only try to estimate it from either weight or price. I will try to hack the module to at least only show the carriers that are applicable, ie no Schenker for packages > 40 cm and not this last addition if the order doesn't contain only books.

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