måndag 18 maj 2009

Tyresta 10 years after the fire

In 1999 there was a great big fire in the Nature Reservation Tyresta, less than 1 hour by bus south of Stockholm.
During the fire 450 hectares of forest was destroyed, the whole area is 5000 hectares though, so not a complete catastrophy. Actually, it is quite interesting with the once completely destroyed nature that is slowly coming back...
The area borders my home Commune, Tyresö, so it is quite convenient for me to go there.
Dispite that, I have only been there a couple of times.

In the central parts I think no trees survived, but a bit off some did, they are seriously burned so it is quite amazing that they're still standing, though I think that most of them will die within the next years

Some of the dead trees are really beautiful
A good advice is to stay on the path, dead trees may fall any time, and the ground is not safe everywhere
Wasteland as far as you can see, it is amazing in a strange kind of way
In the outskirts of the area, some trees survived
A sharp border marks where the fire ended; helicopters were flying back and forth bringing water from the lake to put out the fire. Makes me think about how many fish they threw into the flames

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