torsdag 2 september 2010

Go Shelf part 5, some details

In hindsight, there are a couple of things I could have made different.
Cutting off 3 mm of wood from the shelves to make the side parts be in level and not sit on the outside is one, also drilling holes in the middle shelf and make the wooden poles go through it would both strengthen the construction and look better. There might have been possible to use screws instead of nails to fix the sides to the poles and shelves, also by using a larger drill make the heads not stick out and maybe even cover them with a mix of sawdust and glue...

I didn't realize untill I came to the middle stone in the Mini Chinese Opening that the shelf was in the way, I solved it by chipping the stone, and even though I should have chipped it more to look perfect I kind of prefer it beeing a bit bigger than being in perfect place (also, once I start filling the shelf with junk it wont be visible).

The Go Boards are made of some kind of fake wood and they are really hard, it was impossible to hammer in the nails so I had to drill holes for them, while doing that I accidentally made a couple of holes in the bottom shelf, I should probably have filled those with a mix of sawdust and glue, but again it wont really be visible...

The nails fixing the sides to the poles were put in place with a Tongue-and-groove pliers.

On a couple of places I used too much varnish so eg below the bottom San-Ren Sei stone there's a rinning mark.

I split the boards using a electric jigsaw so the edges are not 100% straight but it doesn't really show, except for the lower right part where there's a small gap.

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