torsdag 11 mars 2010

Car radio

I had the car on service and specifically asked that they should fix the radio, that stopped working after I didn't use the car for a couple of years. When power was out (dead battery) a code was needed, some theft protection I guess; though I cannot see why anyone would like to steal that piece of crap, it doesn't even have a CD player.

Anyways, the VW certified Olofssons bil couldn't fix it, but told me that new radios are quite cheap now, about 1500:- they told me.

Later I checked with Clas Ohlson and they had a model for a little less than 700:-, my brain made it 7000:- so I said no thanks only to later realize my mistake and decide to go back soon.

But today I walked into Teknikmagasinet and looked in their catalogue and sure enough, they had one for about 500:-, but they also had a sale on one so I ended up paying 360:-.

Now i just need to figure out how to remove the old radio and mount the new one.

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